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You spend hundreds of thousands annually in salaries, tens of thousands on desktops, laptops, monitors, and servers, and tens of thousands for software. Then you buy low end network infrastructure hardware that’s not capable of catching the cyber-attacks, nor do you update it for years to save a few dollars.

Here are a couple questions.
Is your networking equipment certified from the International Computer Security Association (ICSA)?
Do you ever look at the logs to see if you’re being attacked?
Do you know if anyone has placed unnaproved equipment in your network?

Let us help you create a hardened network infrastructure and maintain it in order to keep your company and its data from falling victim to cyber-attacks!

Helix installs, configures, and maintains network equipment to protect your business. Our manufacturer of choice is Fortinet. They are ICSA certified where it counts.

For more information, checkout the following.

ICSA Labs Firewall Certification Criteria Corporate Module – Version 4.2 PDF Document

ICSA Labs Certified FortiGate Firewalls

Click HERE for a copy of the Cyber Threat Assessment Program for Next Generation Firewall – Sample Report.

Currently this program is only available in Davis County, Salt Lake County, Summit County, and Weber County.

1. By participating in the Cyber Threat Assessment Program, participants are subject to Fortinet’s End User License Agreement (EULA)

2. Fortinet may collect information about customer participation in the Cyber Threat Assessment Program, but which will be handled as outlined in Fortinet’s Privacy Policy

a. Fortinet may obtain personal information about participants, such as their name (including company name), contact information (address, phone, email, etc.), IP addresses, and the Fortinet products assigned to them. If participants signed up for this program via an authorized Fortinet partner, please contact the Fortinet partner for details on information that they may have about them.

b. Fortinet’s products may automatically send usage and log data to Fortinet during participation in this program.

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